Maverick + Maddison Couples Bundle

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Another Month another male!

Everything that will be included:


- Fbx for normal and optimized version

- 3 Upload ready Prefabs of the avatar

*Prefab 1: Normal Version with 4 NF Songs (58Mb In game)

*Prefab 2: Normal Version WITHOUT ANY SONGS (38Mb In game) < I did this because u may take a long time to load for some people while in the avi with songs on it.

*Prefab 3: Yellow Rated Optimized Version.

*Can only change threw 3 outfits and cannot toggle pants* all others work

3.0 Features

- Hoodie on/off (dissolve animation)

- Hat on/off (dissolve animation)

- Mask up/down

- Pulling up and Down pants to reveal a surprise...yess

- 5 Toggleable Outfits

- Fixed Walking IK Tracking for Fullbody

- Playlist of 4 NF songs to play In game (Clouds, Why, Leave me alone and The search)

Some Extra details

I completely re-sculpted the whole head to make a more realistic approach with a better jaw line and eyes as well as remade a lot of the shape keys.
All of the Sweatshirt textures/design layouts I made myself.
Edited hair by Jana#9999 I re-sculpted and added a buzz fade to make a nice custom look.

- Import VRCSDK 3 Included
- Import Couples package
- Then import Dynamic Penetration system (Seperate)
- Upload

DONT FORGET TO LEAVE A RATING! Helps a lot and u can receive $5 OFF!

- Head By ARMIN-LOL(+New Gestures) Sculped and edited myself
- Using Rhoda’s female and male base
Partnership/Colab with π‘­π’‚π’”π’‰π’Šπ’π‘΅π’‚π’•π’Šπ’„ - Using their pants and shoes
Darte77 and his Patreon - Using his Sims hoodie

OG hat made by Lestery


Meet MaddisonΒ 

Price will go up after pre-order time is over


Everything included

- FBX and upload ready prefab

- 5 outfits in total with different colors and designs

- a big folder full of hair textures

- 4 hat textures (is combatible with any other common texture for the hat)

- 4 pants/top colors

- folder full of shoe textures

- Mask incuded


- Hat toggle

- Hair swap

- Pants toggle

- Top toggle

- Shoes off

- Underwear Toggle

- Mask Toggle

Dynamic Penetration for the mouth,hand and private parts



Partnership/Colab with π‘­π’‚π’”π’‰π’Šπ’π‘΅π’‚π’•π’Šπ’„ - Using their pants,top, and shoes.
Hair:bobbyx#0001, Hat by Lestery
- Face edit by eggyu#4097

Buying my models means you agree to these terms!

✦ DO NOT resell my models!

✦ DO NOT SHARE or give my models away to other people!

✦ You may NOT take parts of my avatars such as accessories and clothes and resell them (You can use them for personal/private avatars only), do not use my bases/hair for resells or reuploads.

If those Rules above are broken i WILL take legal action agaist you

✦ if you buy a package of mine, please have the knowledge of using unity to upload the avatar! IF I do not have the time to help you, you can use the unity/blender help channel in my Discord Server.

✦ If in the future, The price for this model changes that is my decision and you will not be reimbursed with the difference that was changed. You agree to these terms to buy the model now for this price and being able to wear said model at this time.

I want this!
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Maverick + Maddison Couples Bundle

22 ratings
I want this!