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 Alright, sense most of my models aren't cheap and not very common consumer base friendly i wanted to make a more optimized one that's simple but still keeping quality with some diversity.

(35k polys,yea i don't even know how tf i got him that low....)

There is a total of 2 prefabs that are 2 different colors and the fbx.

Included in this Package is everything i made with the avatar and extra textures for more choices. (More than in the pics)

- 6 Textures for the pants

- 15 Textures for the shirt

- Emissions from yours truly (emission master)<---that's me...(This time I messed with emission scrolling so the emission will move when u do, I think its pretty dope.)

- Sculpted the base shirt cause it wasn't in to good of a shape if id say so

- Sculpted the pants a bit too and fully rigged the straps myself.

- Full set of custom finger and face gestures.


-Pants straps



Some important rules you must agree to

DO NOT redistribute, share, take apart or sell this package

You can edit all you want in unity but do not use any assets from this model for sale of any kind.

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Thomas (Free VRChat Avatar)

30 ratings
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