Fernanda (Vrchat) Free Avatar

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NOW AVAILABLE in my discord > discord.gg/devilden

Meet Fernanda


Everything Inside the Package

- Upload ready prefab right after import

- Entire model FBX and the Earings FBX

- Custom built Base by Rhoda and I (97K Polys in Unity)

- Hair Provided by Vyrei
- Face edit by eggyu#4097

Partnership/Colab with 𝑭𝒂𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒐𝑵𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒄- using their dress
- 2 Hair styles that can be toggled between in game

- entire folder full of 10+ textures for each hair style

- 6 Different colors for the Dress, Heels, Hair mats, eyes, and emissions

Also includes Separate VRCSDK 3.0 Package to import before the model.


3.0 Additions/Actions

- Hair Swap button and will match any color or outfit toggled

- Outfit Toggles Between 6 colors Shown in video above.

- Can Toggle Dress, Nip covers, and panties on and off.

New Feature

An Alpha shift, Circular Dial in the clothing menu to make the dress appear transparent to see some more skin.

This works with all colors other than white sense the texture cant be made the same way.


Buying my models means you agree to these terms AND HOW TO IMPORT.

✦ DO NOT resell my models!

✦ DO NOT give my models away to other people!

✦ You may NOT take parts of my avatars such as accessories and clothes and resell them (You can use them for personal/private avatars only), do not use my bases/hair for resells or reuploads.

✦ if you buy a package of mine, please have the knowledge of using unity to upload the avatar! IF I do not have the time to help you, you can use the unity/blender help channel in my Discord Server. https://discord.gg/devilden

✦ If in the future, The price for this model changes that is my decision and you will not be reimbursed with the difference that was changed. You agree to these terms to buy the model now for this price and being able to wear said model at this time.

When Importing:

✦ I do include EVERYTHING BUT THE VRCSDK3. I Include Poiyom shaders and Dynamic bones so it WILL interfere with the ones you already have.If the sdk gives u problems just delete it and import a newer one from the vrchat website

✦ Make sure you make a new project for this avatar or move the following listed above you already have somewhere else before import. This is to prevent any confusion.
Just import The VRCSDK Provided then the avatar and everything should be fine and ready to upload.

✦ if your a unity pro then go about your way you know how to import.

I want this!
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Fernanda (Vrchat) Free Avatar

34 ratings
I want this!