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Silent Avatar Quest+Auto Upload

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๑ஓ──── Silent ─────ஓ๑

My 2022 project I have been working on is finally ready to release!
This Male was designed with the idea of simplicity and variety without any unity work needed to make edits. Most if not all his textures and materials in the package can all be changed in game. With over 157 animations Clothes all have separate menus to change anything that is desired. I hope you guys like him!

Ayo be sure to leave a rating :)

$40 - Optimized Version / Limited Toggles (Yellow VRC Rated)
$46.99 - Full Version + Optimized Version




  • FBX's of main model and ff Accessories separately (Hat, and Mask)
    All animations and controllers for them are included, (If you want to add the extras to any other avatar)
  • Full, Optimized, and Quest Upload ready prefabs depending on which Version purchased)
  • 122 Poly count (Full Version) 63K (Opti)
  • 18 Mats (Full Version) 10 Mats (Opti)
  • 45MB In-Game (Full Version)
  • Upload ready prefabs
  • White, Black and blue Textures for all clothing (Blue can be hue shifted into anything)
  • FBT (Works well with New IK System) Around 6.1 to 6.2 IRL height. (I recommend using the arm length calibration for the best results)
  • About 160 animations in controllers total for all clothing/body options to function
  • Well organized export and folders for easy access

    ๑ஓ─── LMON UPLOADER ───ஓ๑

    Lmon Uploader is a fully automated upload system- Auto Uploads in 1 min- Active 24/7- No Unity is needed Just get straight to using your new avatar!- Fully custom built api/app for creators to make their avatars available to customers in a quick fashion- One click simplicity straight from Gumroad purchase
    • Quest Compatible!!
    - Completely FREE for customers of purchasing avatars that use this systemUpcoming features- IOS App upload your avatar threw your phone, no pc needed
    currently only on android HOW TO UPLOAD
    • All you have to do is download the Lmon uploader app and insert your special key you get and upload the avatar with a click of a button!
      An email will be sent to you the day of purchase and your key and instantly ready to use!👍

๑ஓ─── Physics Bones ───ஓ

  • Hair
  • Ear buds

๑ஓ───3.0 Toggles/Menu───ஓ <- FULL VERSION ONLY

  • Clothing Menu
    - Long Sleeve -
    6 main categories of Textures, all can be white color swapped and hue shifted emissions for all categories seamlessly + Dissolve Animation that changes with Hue

    - Shirt -
    1 main Texture, can be white color swapped and hue shifted to any color + Dissolve Animation that changes with Hue

    - Pants/Shoes /Underwear
    3 main categories of textures, all can be white color swapped and hue shifted emissions for all categories seamlessly + Dissolve Animation that changes with Hue
    (Pants and Shoes work together in a way to sort colors)
    Pants and underwear can be toggled show yes...

    -Auto Hue Shift
    Takes every single Textures emission and automatically shift them over time in a rainbow fasion going through all the colors.
    (All hues must be at 0% for them to be synced)
  • Accessories Menu
    - Hat -
    3 main categories of Textures, all can be white color swapped and hue shifted emissions for all categories seamlessly
    4 Logos to choose from, all can be hue shifted and work with all versions/combinations of the hat, + Dissolve Animation that changes with Hue
    Moving dissolve texture can be toggled on and off

    - Mask -
    5 main categories of Textures, and 2 main categories of white textures that work together to make awesome combos of the masks, all have hue shift + Dissolve Animation that changes with Hue,
    Moving dissolve texture can be toggled on and off

    - Chain and ear buds -
    Can be toggled (also ear buds have a rick roll audio toggle on hanging earbud for when people wanna hear what you're listening too ;)
  • Body Menu
    - Tats -
    3 Main textures to choose from and all can be hue shifted/toggled off
    Full/Pulsing modes

    - Eye's -
    3 Main textures to choose from and all can be hue shifted or be white

    - Hair -
    1 Main texture, can be hue shifted and white color swapped

๑ஓ───How To Upload!───ஓ
(UNITY MUST BE THE CORRECT VERSION! Check the VRchat Website if you need to get the correct Version.)
- Make sure you have VRchats 3.0 SDK already imported (NEWEST SDK, again check the website and download it)

- Then import a poiyomi's 7.0 or higher (7.3 one is provided if needed) idk if it works with 8.0 so attempt with that knowledge
(Do not have more than 1 Poiyomi Version in the project or you may have issues)

- (Optional) Then Import DPS (must buy separate NOT included) I use version 1.10 so if you have problems try using that version

- Finally, can then import Silents package and upload like normal

๑ஓ───How To Upload QUEST───ஓ
MUST Install Android compatible unity package before you can upload it to quest! (You can find it in unity's settings) Or in my discord server if you don't already have it.

Upload the Optimized or Full Version of him normally then copy his Avatar Descriptor ID/Blueprint ID

Open your separate quest unity project, Import the Newest Vrcsdk, Then the Quest package for him

Open the Scene, then attach the descriptor id you copied from the optimized or full version and attach it to the quest version of him.

Then you can upload after you switch it to android compatibility. Done, Avatar will look the same on pc and quest users will see the quest version

Buying my models means you agree to these terms!

✦ DO NOT resell my models!

✦ DO NOT SHARE or give my models away to other people!


✦ You may NOT take parts of my avatars such as accessories and clothes and resell them (You can use them for personal/private avatars only), do not use my bases/hair for resells or reuploads. (unless stated other wise)

If those rules above are broken I WILL take legal action against you

✦ if you buy a package of mine, please have the knowledge of using unity to upload the avatar! IF I do not have the time to help you, you can use the unity/blender help channel in my Discord Server.

✦ If in the future, The price for this model changes that is my decision and you will not be reimbursed with the difference that was changed. You agree to these terms to buy the model now for this price and being able to wear said model at this time.

Must Purchase all said assets by other creators before considering selling them commercially


-Base by Rhoda (edited by me and cannot use this edited version for resale)
-Hair by Zeffyr's Avatars (
-Head by ZinPia (
-Pants and Shoes by Kaycee (
-AirPods from Kaycee ( but added a cord and rigged myself <(Cannot resell)
-Necklace Original mesh from Alces ( but heavily edited and added a lot myself to make my own type from it. <(Cannot resell)
-VrLabs 3.0 Editor (Quest conversion done by Liyla)

Long Sleeve-
and Hat are made from scratch by me and will be made for sale separately.
ALL Clothing made was TEXTURED BY RHODA
Skin Texture/Tats and designs are made by Edith.

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122K Full V / 69K Opti V
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Very Poor Full V / Medium Opti V
157 (In total project)
18 Full V / 10 Opti V
MB In-Game
50MB Full V / 30 MB Opti V
Quest Compatible
Yes (Extra Package included)
Physics Bones
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Silent Avatar Quest+Auto Upload

423 ratings
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