Blue Bomber Devil (Vrchat Avatar)

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๑ஓ───Blue Bomber Devil───ஓ

Hey Guys, IM BACK! This time with a huge project i have been working on with Rhoda.
We Easily put over 100 hours into this avatar and all the custom work done for him. I loved working on this guy so I really hope you guys like him!

๑ஓ───Everything Included───ஓ

  • FBX of the model, and fbx's of the accessories used.
  • 10 Pants Textures/10 Bomber Jacket Textures.
  • All Materials and color variations can be toggled in game.
  • Locomotion Fix (all animations customizable)
  • Upload ready prefab
  • SDK 3.0
  • 4 Eye textures
  • 2 Body textures(plain texture included)
  • Full set of Facial Gestures

๑ஓ───3.0 Features───ஓ

Outfit menu:
- Dissolve
- Lights Dissolve
- Hue shift+lights
- White Color Dissolve Swap

- Hue shift+lights
- Lights Dissolve
- White Color Disslove Swap

- Aviators On/Off

Body Menu:
Robat Arm/Legs>
- Dissolve color swaps
- Pulsing Arm Animation

-Tats on/off+Emissions
- Pants can be Pulled down

Eye Menu>
- Snake Eyes
- Realistic eyes
- Beauty eyes
- Base eyes
- Hue shift (Effects any texture chosen)

Hair Menu>
- Dissolve Color Swap

Tail/Horn Menu
- Dissolve On/Off
- Dissolve Color Swap

๑ஓ───Dynamic Bones───ஓ

  • Hair
  • Tail

๑ஓ───HOW TO UPLOAD───ஓ
1: Import VRCSDK that is provided
2: Import Poiyomi Shaders 7.2 that is provided
3: Import The Dynamic Penetration System (Bought Seperate)
4: Import The Blue Bomber Devil.
5: Upload like normal


The Outfit was made be me from scratch and is not for commercial use!
The Only Items on this avatar that can be used for Commercial use are the shoes, tail/horns and glasses but must Purchase from the creators and credit them.

Buying my models means you agree to these terms!

✦ DO NOT resell my models!

✦ DO NOT SHARE or give my models away to other people!

✦ You may NOT take parts of my avatars such as accessories and clothes and resell them (You can use them for personal/private avatars only), do not use my bases/hair for resells or reuploads.

If those Rules above are broken i WILL take legal action agaist you

✦ if you buy a package of mine, please have the knowledge of using unity to upload the avatar! IF I do not have the time to help you, you can use the unity/blender help channel in my Discord Server.

✦ If in the future, The price for this model changes that is my decision and you will not be reimbursed with the difference that was changed. You agree to these terms to buy the model now for this price and being able to wear said model at this time.

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Blue Bomber Devil (Vrchat Avatar)

48 ratings
I want this!