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๑ஓ────Mask Silent────ஓ๑

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๑ஓ──── Silent Mask ─────ஓ๑

I want to include the asset like normal but also include all of the animations made for it and accessible so any other person can add it to their avatar with ease while also having the nice effects and color/variant options it offers.

-All Materials used on the silent avatar! (Can hue Shift into any color)
-All the animations and controllers for the Mask with a VRLabs 3.0 merge to add Hat to any avatar with the animations
-All the folders and textures for the hat
-Blender and Unity Package
-Ease of use and folder management

Edith (my significant other) made all the designs available

1.3K Polys
Import Poiyomi First or make sure Poiyomi 7.0 or higher is in your project before adding the Hat

๑ஓ──────TERMS OF USE ───────ஓ

  • Commercial license, you must credit my gumroad and back to the product
  • DO NOT resell these assets on their own!
  • DO NOT Share and or spread this asset with friends or others!
  • Do not forget to credit me.
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๑ஓ────Mask Silent────ஓ๑

11 ratings
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