LOTS have been asking when the new female is being restocked and to answer most of all of your questions THIS WEEK. Could be tomorrow, could be on Friday, it’s all depends on how things on my end turn out. Been using a lot of this extra money from all you guys and putting it towards my work and making a DISCORD SERVER, a new pc so I can make these guys a lot faster and better and much more. You all have helped me so much and I don’t know what I would do without you all. 

With the female being restocked I’m still debating on if I should keep a limit on her so stay tuned for that but I will be adding a NEW BUNDLE WITH HER. And that’s gunna be a COUPLES PACK! 

My plan is going to update the male a bit and fix a few of the bugs I didn’t get to and put both of the badass’s in a pack together for all u love birds plus it will save u a lot of money instead of buying them separately. (If you have already bought both of these models you will get this pack for free or cheaper if you have bought one separately)

All keep you guys updated on my discord server launch and will definitely be putting the link here on my gumroad. So there it will be easier to make updates to models, give you guys rewards, keep you guys in the know on what’s going on and even just a hangout if u wanna get deeper in the community. 

Thanks for all the support again and I’ll see you all again this week!


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