Female Strapped Devil Dropping TONIGHT! Plus other big news.

I have busted my ass to get this model out as fast as I could cause u guys have been acting like you cant live with out her lol. So in a couple hours ima put up The female to match my strapped male up fore sale. I'm just making some finishing adjustments before she's ready. She's not going to be cheap and other big news is I'm ONLY SELLING A CERTAIN AMOUNT. So grab her while she's available this might change but as of now this is what's happening.

Iv upped some measured requirements that will be on every model from now on and that is having to type in your information (Vrc name, Discord name) before every sale of a model. This info will be verified and logged and on a list who have actually bought said models. So again in other words don't be sharing packages I will know.

You guys are F%*$#ng awesome thanks again for supporting me and if this keeps up ill pump out more work like what's coming tonight all the time. Take care

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