Here is a Thank You Reward for all of you Supporting and Dedicated to what I've made

So all you banana bread eating fanatics, I've been keeping track and seen a decent amount of you buy multiple of my packs of avatars(if not all of them)and are really active on discord and Gumroad even respond to my posts and send me such nice feedback!

I really feel like I don't deserve most of it so I'm giving back and feel its even fair to those who have bought most of my models (3 or 4 more) and these will people get a discount on all of my models including future ones till I build the list of avatars a lot more while still keeping the quality. 

looking at how much some of you spend I question some of your life decisions...and to I guess help the people that will never financially recover from these choices at least I can give them something a little more than just an avatar lol.

(yes by feeding their addiction more by giving them discounts) What else was I gunna do...

Ay you guys like this stuff so ima just keep pumpin out theses bois to the best of my ability

Yea that's about it just wanted to say thank you to all yall maniacs spending all this money on me, shits wack..had to do somethin to make me feel a little better about mysel

Take care 


and yes she is in the works...yall are scarin me the way you u guys are askin about her....

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