Partial Refunds and Discount Codes Given Out for Rating my Models + News.

Hey guys! You all BLEW UP this new take on the Strapped Male and update to the female and I'm so happy you all love them. I worked very hard on them to give it an authentic and needed rework, I'm glad to see it payed off.

So down the really good news! I want to inform you all that for every rating given from 1-5 stars on a model you purchase from me will be given a $10 refund to the purchase or a discount code for a future purchase.

Just DM me on Discord at (ReFleX#0001) and send a quick screenshot letting me know u left a rating on the product Gumroad gives the option for under the picture.

If u have already purchased the product just head over to your email u did it with and look for the receipt or the inventory you have when logged into gumroad. 


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