Strapped devil will no longer be available +Plus Future model news

You can thank most of the who people ripped and or spread the package and just plain out making it public. Dont think I will put him back up unless said world is taken down or make another decision. I don't feel its right to be selling a model while others are running around with it for free because their "homie" gave it to them or just straight up ripped it. I wouldn't feel so strongly about this if this was an avatar world and I made it public and for free use but that's not the case. Kind of ruins everything when theft is involved, but what can you do¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

All those people know who they are and know what their doing is wrong, and there's only so much I can do by protecting of what I spend a lot of time on and what you guys purchase to keep the quality it has.\

There's a lot that could come from this, Prices might go up a lot higher for future models, I might limit the amount of sales of them. (probably 10 to 15 max) and or stop making models for a bit all together to lower the attention I have rn. 
My next model was going to be a Female that can match the strapped devil but from all of this idk what's gunna happen.

Depressing stuff aside.

And just hearing the way everyone talks about me, showing me their edits they've made and being all extra makes me feel like I'm a celeb.😂
But I promise I'm just like you guys working from home trying to make the most of what's going on rn in the world.

I'm so happy that everyone loves what I make and just being kind in general, and that is just another reason why I want to protect all of this more. I don't want to see this ending anytime soon.

Ill keep you all in touch, and have a nice day.👍

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