Updated Models Coming Soon

Hello again hope you all have been safe. 
So first I wanted to start off with, I recently lost all my data on my computer and all my avatar work, assets, wips, and anything avatar related so I had to restart and get most of what I only uploaded here back.
I will be making new models but for rn I wanted to focus on remaking my older ones all of u have been asking for.
Strapped Devil And the Female Strapped Devil
I'm Still working it out and seeing if i should resell them because i am putting alot of work into them (Especially the Male) to remake these guys and have them work well with 3.0 plus newer features.

I have to look at the options and see if I am able to have previous buyers of these packages can get these updated models for cheaper, but also keep these from getting leaked and given away really fast.
Hop you all understand why I haven't posted much sense Rachels launch and if u stay tuned in our discord u can get more info there. Thank you   


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